Exciting Tampa Bay & Boca Grande Fishing Charters

with Capt. Rick Silkworth

Tampa Bay is home to some of the most exciting inshore and shallow water fishing in Florida and Boca Grande is the “Tarpon Capital” of the world. When it comes to inshore Florida fishing, Capt. Rick Silkworth has you covered!

Premium Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, & Boca Grande

with Capt. Rick Silkworth

As a Florida native, born and raised, Capt. Rick has spent his life honing his fishing skills up and down the West coast of Florida. He has chased after just about everything the Gulf of Mexico has to offer and he’s eager and excited to share his fishing experience with you.

Whether you are looking to battle the mighty tarpon in Boca Grande, catch snook, redfish, and trout in Tampa Bay, have a family fishing outing near our pristine beaches, or just enjoy a day out on the water… Capt. Rick can help you reach your goals.

Tarpon Fishing

Boca Grande & Tampa Bay Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are one of the most amazing game fish in the entire world. There is truely nothing like battling the “Silver King”! Boca Grande and Tampa Bay offer amazing tarpon fisheries that you truly must experience.

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Inshore Fishing

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay is home to some of the most productive inshore fishing in Florida. “The Big 3” targets are redfish, snook, and trout an we have plenty of them. All known for a great fight, the are all also great table fare.

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Tampa Bay Bowfishing Charters

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid hunter or not, bowfishing offers a “hunting like” experience like no other on the water. It is fast paced action, challenging, and oh so rewarding. Come check out what bowfishing is about!

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‘Gator Hunts

Limited Opportunity Wild Alligator Hunts

Alligator hunting is something that must be experienced to believe. It is like hunting dinosaurs! Ranging from 200lbs to 1,000lbs+, this limited opportunity hunt is something that you have to try!

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