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People often ask me, “When is the best time to go tarpon fishing during the summer?”.  Typically, my response is, “Every chance you get!”. But, the truth is, there are some days that are better than others and I can tell you what days those are years in advance.

You see, tarpon (and most fish in shallow saltwater) are very tide dependant – tarpon even more so than the other inshore species.

As you are probably aware, the tides are a product of the moon’s gravitational pull on the water here on Earth. So, by looking at a lunar calendar, we can make a pretty good guess as to how good a day of tarpon fishing will be — the stronger the tides, the better.

So, how can we tell when the stronger tides are by looking at a lunar calendar? The new and full moons have the strongest tides and the 3-4 days prior to and after a new or full moon will also have very strong tides. The periods between the new and full moon will have typically weaker tides. That doesn’t mean we won’t catch fish on those days, but the bite can be a little slower.

So, let’s take a look at the lunar calendar for the months of May, June, and July this year and I will tell you what I believe will be the best dates to book your tarpon fishing charter with me.


Looks like we’re gonna start may off with a bang! We have a full moon the first week which means we’re going to have great afternoon tides and most likely a crab flush as well.

May should be an overall great month since we’ll have two full moons and a new moon in the same month.

Here are my picks for best dates.

May 1st-5th
May 12th-18th
May 26th-31st


June is typically my favorite month of the year to tarpon fish. We have some stellar tides this month as well so I look for things to be pretty awesome.

The only caveat is the last week of June this year. Typically on the full moon in June, the tarpon will head offshore to spawn for a few days. However, the days leading up to that annual ritual are incredible.

The new moon in June is by far the best week of tarpon fishing each and every year.

Here are my picks for the best dates this June.

June 1st-3rd
June 10th-17th
June 23rd-25th


July can be a very overlooked month for tarpon fishing and that fact makes it one of my favorite times of year to fish for tarpon. There will be less pressure on the fish during July as many guides will move on to fishing for other species of fish and the fact that we’re getting into our third month of serious tarpon fishing, the newness has worn off with the local anglers and they won’t be out there as much. That means more fish for us!

Here are my picks for the best dates in July.

July 10th-17th
July 24th-31st

Now… with all that said, these are my picks for the dates I think will have the best bite when it comes to tarpon fishing. However, We hook tarpon on about 98% of charters — even on dates that aren’t “ideal”.

So, if your schedule is flexible and you can book early, definitely try to get one of the dates I picked as being “great”. But, if you can’t get one of those dates, don’t be discouraged, pick whatever date you can go. Because… THE BEST TIME TO GO TARPON FISHING IS EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!

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