December is a great month for redfish and trout in Tampa Bay

By November 27, 2017 Fishing Report

There is so much to love about the Tampa Bay area. The beaches, the food, the entertainment… AND… the Winter weather and the fishing in the Bay.

It very rarely gets too cold to fish here in the Tampa Bay area. In fact, for certain species of fishing, Wintertime is the best time to fish. Redfish and Trout absolutely LOVE cooler weather and we love fishing for them in the month of December.

It’s not only the fact that the weather never gets too cold to fish in December that makes it so great for fishing for Redfish and Trout, it’s also the frequency of a North win that we get. Yes, it brings a chill to the air, but it also provides one major factor to our success. The North wind blows the water out of the Bay on low tides and makes pothole fishing for redfish and trout like shooting fish a barrel.

You see, the bottom of Tampa Bay isn’t flat. There are many depth changes and areas that we call potholes. On low tides, Redfish and Trout will stack up in the potholes and use them as ambush spots to attack their prey from. On low tides in the Winter, especially with a North wind, we will focus on the potholes by throwing live sardines under a cork, small soft plastic jigs & swim tails, and live shrimp on a popping cork — being sure to work the edges of the hols as that is where most of the fish will be concentrated.

Trout seem to like the very last of the outgoing tide while redfish seem to like the very first part of the incoming tide in these situations. It makes for great fun for us as we’ll fish during┬áboth segments of this tide change and whack both species of fish.

Christmas is coming soon. A great way to enjoy the Tampa Bay area this time of year is by spending it on the water. And, a great Christmas present for a friend or family member is a gift certificate for a fishing charter with Capt. Rick. Be sure to call him today to get one.


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