Fall Fishing is Just Around the Corner

By September 19, 2017 Fishing Report

Early in the morning, you can feel that fall is just around the corner. It’s a little bit cooler and drier outside between 6am and 8am than it is during the summer. It’s a good sign and we look forward to falling fishing every year here.

During the summer months, we focus on Tarpon because we only have a short window to really target them. And, during the heat of summer, the flats tend to become a little stagnant as fish and bait seek cooler, deeper, more oxygenated water.  But when Fall comes, the flats come live! Baitfish return to the flats and that brings redfish, snook, and trout.

Snook will “put the feed bag on” as they begin to prepare for Winter and we will target them in transition areas as they work their way from the beaches and passes back to our many creeks and rivers. As they make this transition, they will be trying to fatten up and we’ll take advantage of that.

Redifsh will become more active as they thrive on water that is high in oxygen content. During the summer months, the hot water on the flats is low in oxygen and it can make redfish lethargic. Then, come Fall, the water temps start dropping and the water becomes oxygen rich again and redfish really start to energize and feed. Some of the bigger fish that spend the summer offshore in cooler waters will begin to come back to the flats as well. Fall is our favorite time of year for fishing for redfish in Tampa Bay.

Trout fishing is always slow during the Summer months due to the fact that they prefer cooler water. Our best trout fishing is from October through March. They will invade the flats after our first couple of cold fronts and getting limits will be pretty easy.

Don’t miss out of Fall fishing in the Tampa Bay area. Make sure to call us now for availability and to book your fall fishing charter today!


Rick Silkworth

Author Rick Silkworth

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