October Fishing Forecast for Tampa Bay

By September 29, 2017 Fishing Report

My favorite time of year is almost here — October fishing! It is absolutely one of the best months of the year for inshore fishing in the Tampa Bay area. The weather will be milder and the fishing will be hot!

September Report:

Many people feared that hurricane Irma would have messed up the fishing for us for a while. It did slow things down for a few days but I think it has actually helped us out a great deal. It flushed the Bay out and dropped the water temps a couple of degrees. The fish have responded amazingly as redfish, snook, and trout have all been on fire. The best bite has come from the West side of the Bay from Pinellas Point, all the way up to the Clearwater Airport area.

October Forecast:

The first few days in October will have some weaker tides but towards the end of the first week of October, we’ll get back into some really good tides that will have fish firing off. This should especially bode well for a great snook and redfish bite. Spanish mackerel and mangrove snapper fishing should remain great through the end of the month around the local artificial reefs, rock piles, and area bridges. Once we get our first cold front, the trout bite should be insane. With cooler water temperatures come larger trout. The trout fishing will only get better and better as Fall progresses into winter. Scaled sardines will remain the bait of choice through the entire month and they should be plentiful.

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