It’s getting “snooky” around here!

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Snook is by far the most exciting shallow water game fish that we have here in the Tampa Bay area. Their hard thumping hits, drag screaming runs, and their ability to leap into the air make them one of the most sought-after game fish in all of Florida.

Fall is a tremendous time of year to fish for snook. They prefer warm water and can become sluggish in the winter time. In the Fall, they begin their annual trek to the backwaters of Tampa Bay to find warmer water. And, it’s during this staging period that they put the proverbial “feed bag on” and they chew the bottom out of the boat.

They eat really well in the┬áTampa Bay area all through the Fall. They are trying to store up body fat to help them stay warm and have food stores built up to make it through the winter. So we’ll hit these transition points and feet them some of their favorite snacks – scaled sardines and live shrimp.

If you catch them on a hard, outgoing, tide around creek mouths, oyster bars, and even docks, the bite can be voracious. Timing the tide is key here as they are looking for the easiest possible meal in order to save energy for the winter. So, a strong outgoing tide will help funnel baits past ambush points where they are waiting to dart out and snag an easy meal.

So far this month, the weather has been mild and the bit has been good around areas such as Ft. Desoto, Weedon Island, Pinellas Point and even the middle of Tampa Bay when we have ventured up there. A quick check of the 10-day forecast shows that we should still have temps in the mid 70’s at least for another week then things start to cool off a bit — but still not getting too cold. The bite should remain good through this period and get even better with next week’s new moon.

If you are looking to get in on a good snook bite, the next 10 days should be great. Just give me a ring!

Rick Silkworth

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