Tampa Bay Trout Fishing Report

By December 29, 2017 Fishing Report

We’re very lucky here in the Tama Bay area. Maybe “lucky” isn’t the right word, “fortunate” is probably a better word for how I feel about our sub-tropical climate here.  While most of the country is struggling with record low temperatures, often reaching in the single digits, “cold” to us is 40-degree mornings and 65-degree days.  While 65 degrees might feel cold to us Floridians, it feels downright perfect for speckled sea trout.

Wintertime is the perfect time for fishing for trout here in the Tampa Bay area — for several reasons.

  • Trout are a cold(er) water species and are very active when water temps are between 60 and 70 degrees
  • Trout will stack up in potholes on our seasonal wintertime low tides
  • Wintertime gives us a prevailing NE wind and in the Tampa Bay area, that blows even more water out of Tampa Bay and causes the trout to concentrate, even more than normal, into cuts, depressions, and potholes.

Lately, the bite has been very good on the last of the outgoing tide and the first of the incoming tide. We have been concentrating on depressions in the flats, cuts, and creek mouths. Scaled sardines have been a great choice of bait but on colder mornings, shrimp has worked better. This is the time of year that we normally get our bigger trout and the average size has been 17″-20″ — with quite a few fish up to 35″ mixed in.

If you need a reason to get out of the fridged and frozen North, wintertime speckled sea trout fishing in the Tampa Bay area is a GREAT reason to do so. Make sure to give me a ring as soon as you can to get your January fishing charter booked. See you soon!

Rick Silkworth

Author Rick Silkworth

Capt. Rick Silkworth is a Florida native who has been a full-time fishing guide for many years. He loves sharing his passion for fishing with his clients.

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