Tarpon are here, and they are hungry!

By April 24, 2018 Fishing Report

This is the most awesome time of year for us in the Tampa Bay area! The water temps are touching 75 degrees and the tarpon are here, hungry, and ready to play! There’s no more putting this off, it’s game time!

Every spring, tarpon flood the waters of Tampa Bay. As a fishing guide, I’m always looking for them during my runs from spot to spot while on an inshore fishing charter in April. Well, folks, they are here! And they are here in big numbers! Starting last week, I spotted large numbers of tarpon while on inshore charters and this week, we started putting hooks in them. It’s time! Let’s go!

If you have never caught a tarpon but always wanted to, the time is now. If you have caught tarpon before and can’t wait to get back out there and catch another… well, the time is now. It’s tarpon season guys! Let’s do this! Call me today to book your trip!


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